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Based on ACS Department Test Section a laboratory was established mainly aimed at development of advanced methods and specialized tools for automated control systems checking, and also at creating simulators to train operators under conditions arising during actual control of a technological process.

Specialists of ACS Department have developed the mathematical model of an industrial computer-based multi-genset electric power station that allows enhancing efficiency and speed of checking logic circuits and control algorithms of an auxiliary electric power station.

In order to determine an extent of factory readiness of the automated control systems, highly-skilled specialists of ACS Department perform factiory tests that include:

  • Test Program development ( coordinated with the Customer, if required)
  • Factory tests at the production site jointly with the Customer. ACS factiory tests consist of the following main stages:
    • Check of application and specialized software (correctness of the developed control algorithms is cheked by means of program simulators of a technological process)
    • Check of schematic electrical diagrams
    • Check of algorithm-logical circuit intetraction by means of the developed industrial computer-based mathematical model of technological processes
  • Making Test Certificate and Protocol once the errors and remarks have been removed
  • Preparing documents for the system shipment to the Customer’s object

The like tests secure shipment of an operationally compatible automated control system

Mounting, start-up, and adjustment operations

In order to launch the automated control systems, highly-skilled specialists of the Test Section of ACS Department perform the following stages of start-up and adjustment operations:

  • Connection and check of external cables and links to subsystems on completion of construction and mounting operations in a premise and installation of the system’s cabinets
  • Development of the Individual and Comprehensive Test Program approved by the Customer and Operator
  • Training of operators to the training program coordinated with the Operator (operators training on the simulator of auxiliary electric power station’s ACS is possible, if ordered)
  • Individual and comprehensive tests jointly with the Customer and the Operator
  • Making Individual and Comprehensive Test Certificate once the remarks have been removed and the system has been improved considering the Customer’s and Operator’s offers
  • Automated control system’s commissioning