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TP ACS development


TP ACS is built as a multi-level integrated man-machine system, operating at the rate of a technological process ( real-time) and including operating process (attending) personnel and a complex of software and technical means.


Main objectives of TP ACS development:
  • Control and provision of accurate operative information on parameters of all main and auxiliary equipment of the controlled object;
  • Comprehensive control over operation of the main and auxiliary equipment of the controlled object through use of modern methods of control, monitoring, and regulation of technological processes and utilization of highly-reliable microprocessor element base;
  • Stable operation of the controlled object under a specified mode due to automatic maintenance of the controlled parameters;
  • Reliable and safe operation of process equipment due to automatic fault detection and emergency situations prevention;
  • Convenient work of the operating personnel during control of automated equipment by means of creating modern automated workplaces;
  • Prevention of the operator’s faulty actions;
  • Reduction of expenses for operation and repairs of the electric power station’s equipment.


  • Use of modern software and technical means corresponding to international standards;
  • Increase in efficiency of technological objects control and monitoring by means of modern control methods;
  • Provision of TP ACS specified reliability;
  • Simplification of servicing and repairs;
  • Extension of functional abilities in the process of operation.