Automatic Control Systems – Processing Right Observation Angle

Automatic Control Systems - Resource-Saving and Work Efficiency in Any Branch of Industry

Automatic Control Systems - Human-Engineered Interface and Broad Spectrum of Functional Possibilities

Automatic Control Systems – Operative Personnel Usability

Automatic Control Systems – Investments into Reliable Performance of your Business

Automatic Control Systems – Updated Approach to Processing

Application software

The given reference-list familiarizes you with the examples of software implementation of technological process automated control systems, infrastructure objects control and monitoring systems, and resource use monitoring systems both as differentiated distribution of functions of ( lower and upper levels, and as complex solutions. According to the customer demands and using accumulated experience, the projects are realized on various element bases and software platforms so that advantages of products of different manufacturers can be efficiently used with reasonable pricing.

Products of Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and B&R are the main element bases and software platforms of the projects.